Throttle Valve Throttle Body 059 145 950 A for AUDI VW

‚ÄčReference No.:059 145 950 A
Used in Vehicles: AUDI, VW

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Product Details

Reference No.:030 133 064 F

Used in Vehicles: SEAT, SKODA, VW



Warranty:12 Months


Package:Neutral Package or Customized Package

MOQ:5 pcs


Length [mm]:182

Width [mm]:165

Height [mm]:125

Operating Mode:Electric

Diameter [mm]:45

Number of Poles:7

Connector Shape:D-Shape

The Throttle Body is a device located in the engine compartment, between the intake manifold and air intake pipe. It is similar to the carburetor but does not regulate fuel flow. The throttle body monitors the amount of air that can flow into an engine's combustion chamber. The most important and largest part inside the throttle body is its throttle plate. This plate has a butterfly valve, which rotates on the throttle shaft. When the throttle plate is rotated by the shaft the air flows in and out of the engine.

The throttle plate opens and closes when the accelerator is pushed down and released, thereby regulating and controlling airflow. This helps maintain the speed of the engine and vehicle. Most cars are equipped with one throttle body but some have more than one, which are connected to improve throttle response. Other than a butterfly valve, the throttle body is also made up of a barrel valve and slide valve. If your throttle body is not functioning properly, you should get it replaced as soon as possible.

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