Electronic Proton Throttle Body for Audi A4 A6 058 133 063B 058133063H

‚ÄčReference No.:058133063H
Used in Vehicles: AUDI, VW

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Product Details

Reference No.:058133063H

Used in Vehicles: AUDI, VW



Warranty:12 Months


Package:Neutral Package or Customized Package

MOQ:5 pcs


Length [mm]:182

Width [mm]:165

Height [mm]:125

Number of connectors:7
Connector Shape:D-Shape

Operating Mode:Electric

Diameter [mm]:56

for article number:556102

Throttle valve cleaning

The throttle valve is the most important component of the EFI engine system. It is the throat of the car engine. Whether the car acceleration is flexible or not has a great relationship with the cleanliness of the throttle valve. When the engine is working, the fuel and a small amount of lubricating oil entering the combustion chamber cannot be 100% burned. The unburned part of the oil is glued to the intake valve, the throttle valve, the intake pipe, the piston or the piston under high temperature and oxidation. The surface of the combustion chamber is further condensed into a mixture of asphaltenes and oils by high temperature to form carbon deposits.

If the throttle valve is excessively carbonized for a long period of time and is not cleaned, the engine may be poorly accelerated, the idle speed may be shaken, and the fuel consumption may increase.

The throttle valve cleaning can effectively decompose and remove the stubborn carbon deposit of the throttle valve, clean the carbon deposits and colloids without disassembling the throttle valve, smoothly open the intake air, improve fuel economy, reduce exhaust emissions, and make the engine run strongly and stably.

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