44mm Throttle Body 465 33 515 High Flow 0 280 750 042 for Fiat

44mm Throttle Body 465 33 515 High Flow 0 280 750 042 for Fiat

‚ÄčReference No.: 465 33 515/ 0 280 750 042
Used in Vehicles:FIAT, LANCIA

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Product Details

Reference No.: 465 33 515/ 0 280 750 042

Used in Vehicles:FIAT, LANCIA



Warranty:12 Months


Package:Neutral Package or Customized Package

MOQ:5 pcs


Length [mm]:182

Width [mm]:165

Height [mm]:125

Operating Mode:Electronic

Throttle valve principle

The throttle valve we are talking about is actually the throttle that is often controlled by the accelerator pedal. Used to adjust the amount of air intake. There are currently two main types: one is mechanical. By stepping on the accelerator pedal, the steel cable connected to the throttle valve under the pedal is driven to open and close the throttle valve. This structure is gradually being phased out. The latest is the electronic throttle valve. There is no traditional cable connection between the accelerator pedal and the throttle valve. Instead, it is controlled by an electronic sensor, which has higher control precision and improved throttle hysteresis.

The function of the throttle valve is to control the intake flow of the engine, control the air into the engine, a controllable valve that determines the operating conditions of the engine, and the air enters the intake pipe and mixes with the gasoline (different models of the car, the design mixing part is different), Combustible gas mixture, participate in combustion work. The driver operates the accelerator pedal to operate the throttle opening.

Regardless of whether it is a carburetor or an EFI, the throttle valve functions the same. It controls and regulates the intake air volume of the engine. The air is mixed with the gasoline to form an oil and gas mixture. The fuel injection of the carburetor model is that the gasoline in the carburetor is sucked out by the negative pressure formed by the air flow in the intake pipe, and is mixed and then enters the cylinder. This method is relatively extensive, unevenly distributed, and affects emissions. The electric fuel injection vehicle is an electronic signal provided by an air flow sensor and an air pressure sensor near the throttle valve, and the driving computer controls the injection fuel in the intake manifold according to various parameters. Therefore, the intake air volume determines the amount of oil and gas mixture entering. From this point of view, the opening of the throttle valve also determines the amount of gas mixture entering.

The role of the throttle valve

According to the pressure change of the throttle valve, the action valve has three acting devices: relief, braking and pressure keeping.

1. Mitigation. The relief position, when the pressure of the action tube under the piston is lowered, the action piston drives the hollow valve stem to move downward under the pressure of the brake cylinder and the relief spring, and the upper end of the hollow valve stem leaves the bottom surface of the air supply valve to open the exhaust valve. The brake cylinder pressure air above the piston is discharged to the atmosphere through the central hole of the hollow valve stem, and the locomotive is relieved.

2, the role of pressure retention. When the pressure of the acting tube below the piston increases, the working piston moves up with the hollow stem. First, the upper end of the hollow valve stem is closely attached to the bottom surface of the air supply valve, the exhaust valve port is closed, and then the air supply valve is opened by opening the air supply valve.

3. Braking effect. In the braking position, as the pressure of the brake cylinder rises continuously, the pressure above the acting piston also gradually increases, and the working piston gradually moves down under the action of the brake cylinder pressure, the relief spring and the spring pressure of the air supply valve. The opening of the gas valve is gradually reduced.

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