Truck Nox Sensor 5801754015 5801754016 Nitrogen Oxygen Sensors 5WK96733B for Iveco Truck

‚ÄčReference No.:5801754015/5801754016/5WK96733B
Truck Model: Iveco
Material:Aluminium/Steel/Silicon /Plastic

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Product Details

Reference No.:5801754015/5801754016/5WK96733B

Truck Model: Iveco

Material:Aluminium/Steel/Silicon /Plastic



Place of origin:Germany

Warranty:12 Months


Package:Neutral Package or Customized Package

MOQ:1 pc

Nitrogen Oxygen Sensor Working Principle

Nitrox oxygen sensor working process

The core component of the NOx sensor is a porous ZrO2 zirconia ceramic tube which is a solid electrolyte with sintered porous platinum (Pt) electrodes on both sides. When heated to a certain temperature, zirconia will produce a chemical reaction due to the difference in oxygen concentration on both sides. Charges move on both sides of the electrode, and the moving charge generates a current. According to the magnitude of the generated current, the concentration of nitrogen and oxygen is different. The concentration is fed back to the ECU or DCU via CAN communication.

Dew point protection function: Because the nitrogen-oxygen sensor itself needs a higher temperature to work when the electrode is working, the nitrogen-oxygen sensor has a ceramic structure inside. Ceramics can't touch water at high temperature. After encountering water, it is easy to expand and shrink, which causes ceramic cracking. Therefore, the nitrogen-oxygen sensor will set a dew point protection function. The function of this function is to detect the temperature of the exhaust pipe. Wait for a while after setting. The ECU or DCU believes that at such a high temperature, even if there is water on the nitrogen-oxygen sensor, it will be blown dry by the high-temperature exhaust gas.

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