252070992000 Heater Air Blower Motor for Eberspacher D2 24v

Remarks:Replacement for Eberspacher Airtronic D2/24v

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Remarks:Replacement for Eberspacher Airtronic D2/24v

Engine Model:Diesel




Place of origin:China

Warranty:12 Months


Package:Neutral Package or Customized Package

MOQ:1 Set

Video description:

 Installation of combustion air pipe and exhaust device

● Installation of combustion air pipe

General installation components include a flexible black air-inlet pipe with diameter 25mm.

According to the installation situation, this flexible pipe can be adjusted to proper length. Then use a clamp to fix one end of the flexible air-inlet pipe to the air inlet at the lower part of the heater and the other end of the pipe to the vehicle with an R-clamp to prevent falling off.


Please note:

■ The combustion air pipe must be unblocked. Make sure the air is clean and prevent dust, rain or snow from entering to avoid carbon deposit.

■ The orifice of the combustion air pipe cannot face the driving direction.

■ Check if the air inlet pipe is blocked regularly.

● Installation of exhaust device

The general installation components include a metal exhaust pipe. Fix one end of the pipe on the exhaust port of the heater with a clamp and fix the other end of the pipe on the vehicle with an R-clamp to avoid falling off.

■ The exhaust pipe shall be tilled downwards to facilitate draining. It shall not be blocked by rain, snow or dirt.

■ The exhaust pipe shall not face the driving direction of the vehicle.

■ The exhaust pipe cannot go beyond the side limits of the vehicle.

■ The outlet of the exhaust pipe shall not be fixed under the driving cab to prevent the exhaust air from entering the driving cab to cause personal injury.

■ The exhaust pipe shall not be cut into sections for use.

■ Pay attention to the distance from the inlet pipe when laying the exhaust pipe to prevent the air-inlet device from taking the exhaust air in as combustion air.


 While the heater is running, no one shall work in the place where the exhaust guiding device is located to avoid burning caused by high-temperature exhaust gas. The heater shall be turned off and cooled down first.

 The underbody of the vehicle shall be well sealed to prevent the exhaust gas of the heater from entering the vehicle. It is prohibited to sleep in the vehicle when the heater is running, and our company will not be responsible for any consequences caused.

 The gas from the exhaust guiding device is hot and toxic exhaust gas which shall not be inhaled by human.

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