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Characteristics of blower
- Nov 20, 2018 -

1.Because the impeller of the blower runs without friction in the body, it does not need lubrication, so that the exhaust gas does not contain oil. It is an ideal source of pneumatic conveying for chemical industry and food industry.

2.The blower is a volume operated blower. When used, the flow rate changes very little with the change of pressure. But the flow varies with speed.

3.The speed of blower is high, and the clearance between rotor and rotor, rotor and body is small, which leads to less leakage and higher volumetric efficiency.

4.The structure of the blower determines that its mechanical wear loss is very small.

5.The rotor of the blower is checked by static and dynamic balance. The finished product runs smoothly and vibration is minimal.

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