Auto Condenser Air Conditioning For MINI 64 53 6 941 084

Auto Condenser Air Conditioning For MINI 64 53 6 941 084

Hot Sales A/C Condenser Air Conditioning 64536941084/64539239920 for MINI OEM: 64 53 6 941 084/64 53 9 239 920

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Cooling system

After the liquid refrigerant absorbs the heat of the cooled object in the evaporator, it is vaporized into low-temperature and low-pressure steam, sucked by the compressor, compressed into high-pressure high-temperature steam, discharged into the condenser, and sent to the cooling medium (water or air in the condenser). The heat is released, condensed into a high-pressure liquid, throttled by a throttle valve to a low-pressure low-temperature refrigerant, and re-entered into the evaporator to absorb heat and vaporize, thereby achieving the purpose of circulating refrigeration. In this way, the refrigerant completes a refrigeration cycle through four basic processes of evaporation, compression, condensation, and throttling in the system.

In refrigeration systems, evaporators, condensers, compressors, and throttles are among the four essential components of a refrigeration system, where the evaporator is a device that delivers cooling capacity. The refrigerant refrigerates by absorbing heat of the object to be cooled therein. The compressor is the heart and acts to draw, compress, and deliver refrigerant vapor. The condenser is a device that emits heat, and the heat absorbed in the evaporator is transferred to the cooling medium along with the heat converted by the compressor work. The throttle valve throttles the refrigerant, simultaneously controls and regulates the amount of refrigerant liquid flowing into the evaporator, and divides the system into two parts: the high pressure side and the low pressure side. In the actual refrigeration system, in addition to the above four components, there are often some auxiliary equipment, such as solenoid valves, distributors, dryers, collectors, fusible plugs, pressure controllers, etc., which are designed to improve operation. Economical, reliability and security are set.

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